We are called to lifelong conversion in Christ

We are inspired by the vision of the evangelizing community which Pope Francis describes in The Joy of the Gospel. Such a community leads its people to a "renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to letting him encounter them..." Such an encounter is the starting point for a life of conversion, with commitment to grow as disciples and live as people who share their talents, time, resources, and faith with others. It is this vision of the parish as a community in which people are drawn to Christ or more deeply to Christ and are formed in all ages and stages of life and faith we bring to our catechetical presentations and consulting. Here are a few of our most commonly sought-after and well-received presentations. Contact us here to explore possibilities for these or other topics to meet your needs.

Engaging and Partnering with Parents

Learn from current research and the best practices of parishes in order to engage parents and partner with them in the formation of their children. This interactive and dynamic day is a favorite among diocesan leaders as a workshop or retreat process, sometimes combined with elements of the Bridges Leadership Series. Click here for the slide PDF for a sample presentation.

Adult Spirituality and Faith Formation

Engaging adults in on-going conversion calls us to shift our vision from catechesis centered on children's religious education and sacramental preparation to parish life through which people are formed at all ages and stages of life and faith. Explore current trends to better understand the dynamics we find with adults in our communities as well as strategies for beginning or sustaining comprehensive adult faith formation.

Great Expectations: Coaching Parents to Form Their Own Children

The task of passing on the faith to children belongs undeniably to their parents. In fact, no matter how hard we try at the parish to substitute ourselves for them, if the parents aren’t involved, the child’s faith will always be lukewarm. In this workshop, we’ll learn how to engage the parents by coaching them to form their own children. This process can be implemented in various ways, including Sacrament Prep, with your textbook series, or even for Confirmation Preparation. 

Helping Your Child Grow Up Catholic

This interactive session for parents helps them appreciate and grow in their role, affirming what they are already doing to form their children, and encouraging them to foster living faith at home. A perfect parent meeting at any time during the year, this is a great session to offer when catechists and other leaders have experienced Great Expectations. The two presentations may be offered in the same weekend to jump start a new or renewed partnership between the parents and your parish. Click on the links here for the outline, prayer, and slides.