"I belong to God, and..."

Many years ago, we used a video at parish meetings of Elinor Ford giving a talk in which she said, "I belong to God, and God needs me." Don't get me (or Elinor) wrong here... we do not believe in a manipulative God who "needs" our affection or attention. Yet, on a deep level, Elinor spoke to the power of the Incarnation and who we are called to be as Christian disciples. We are called to carry out Christ's mission of love, mercy, and compassion, through the ways in which we live our daily lives. The ways in which the world will know God's love is dependent upon each person's acceptance of the call to live and share this love with others.

I have thought of this often in the past week. We have opportunities every day to spread love, share compassion, offer mercy. We can, and must, live out our baptismal call to be prophets -- to announce God's reign here on earth, and to share the Good News of Christ's undying, sacrificial, saving love through our actions. In fact, we are to live as resurrection people who give of ourselves in order that others might fully live. 

What does this "look like" in daily life? It will be different for each of us, as each has been given particular gifts and talents, life circumstances, and opportunities. What I have not been able to shake in the past week and a half is that many of us, perhaps most of us, get into a pattern of life that ends up being quite comfortable, rather than really discerning on a regular basis who and Whose we are, and what we are called to do with our lives. Even when that means letting go of comfort in order to make a difference in someone's life, for the life of the world. 

I have been praying with Elinor's declaration: I belong to God, and God needs me. What does God need you to do? Only you can discern that, with the help of family, friends, and your faith community. What an impact we might have if we take this to heart.