Everyday Impact

What is the everyday impact of faith in our lives? This is the focus of this new blog project that I and a group of my friends will be sharing here. It seems a straightforward question, except we all know it isn't exactly. On days like today, when we see the face of evil and hatred in our country, we have to think about how we may respond as people of faith in our everyday lives. As witnesses to the power of love. As people who stand together, strong in the certainty that love is stronger than hate; vulnerable in the understanding that such love calls us to sacrifice, to give without counting the cost, to bear the light of Christ even when, especially when, much of what surrounds us is not light. 

Many of us heard of Elijah's encounter with God in the tiny, whispering sound in the reading from 1 Kings (19:9a, 11-13a) yesterday. Jesus called to Peter to come to him, in the midst of the storm. (MT 14:22-33) For a moment, with his eyes fixed on Jesus, Peter walked on water. Like Elijah and Peter, we rely on the strength of the power of God, who instills in us the certainty that we are not alone, love will win out. Not only is this our conviction, it is our mission -- to bear this immense love through our actions, decisions, words, and interactions with others.

What is the everyday impact of faith in your life, today, tomorrow, and into the future? Each of us will respond to that question somewhat differently. As followers of Jesus Christ, we know the response may not always be simple or easy. Our response today will be different than it will be tomorrow, as the circumstances of our lives and the life of the people around us, in our family, parish, city, and world change. Ultimately, there is one answer to all of this. That answer is Jesus Christ, who is our way, truth, and life. Our response is, in the end, must be straightforward. Our response must be YES, to commit ourselves to being people of Christ, everyday.