Have you organized a diocesan or parish workshop day, thought that it went relatively well, only to find that six months later nothing had changed? We have. That is one of the reasons why we make a commitment to you, not only for the day of an event, but for the long-haul. We know that it takes intentional focus in simple steps to transform a parish into a true community of missionary disciples. A parish leader, Stacey, shared this about our time at her parish: "I still remind our parishioner leaders about things you said in your workshop two years ago. Your time with us is bearing fruit -- I couldn't have said this then, but I love my parish now."

What Catholic life and faith brings to you:

Live and virtual formation and training. We offer opportunities for one-day or multi-day workshop, retreat, or training for leaders.

Parish missions, retreats, and days of reflection.

Resources for parishioners and parish leaders. Some things we simply develop to give to you as a gift; other resources are offered for a nominal fee to provide you with great content to share with your people.

At Catholic Life and Faith, we know the importance of the parish community in people's lives, and for the life of the world. We know that when parishioners belong within a community of committed disciples and stewards, they readily share their talents, time, resources and faith with others.

We bring extensive experience to our ministry. Collectively, we have over twenty years of experience in working closely with dioceses and parishes throughout North America and beyond.

We have expertise in leadership and pastoral development. Whether you are a parishioner, staff member or pastor, with responsibilities for evangelization, stewardship, catechesis or all of parish life, we hope that you will find here the inspiration, tools, and support you need to form your parish as an engaging, evangelizing community.

Our approach is practical. Everything we do is aimed at helping bring out the best in your parish life, while building on the best of what others have done in similar circumstances. 

We are recognized contributors. We are frequently asked to present our work and experience at national and international conferences to share leading-edge thinking and practical experience.

We know how complex parish ministry is, and how much you hope your ministry will bear great fruit in the lives of people and in the life of your community. Catholic Life and Faith is your place to turn for inspiration, ideas, materials, and personal connection to other leaders who share this passion for Christ and the Christian community.

We are here for you! Our CLF team is ready to help you, through presentations, leadership development and consulting, and resources that have been developed with you in mind. 







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