The Bridges Leadership Series has been designed with parish and diocesan leaders in mind: clergy and laity, staff and parishioner leaders serving together to build a more engaging and evangelizing Church. In working with parish and diocesan leaders over the past fifteen years, we have become deeply aware of the need for in-depth and accessible formation and training for all who serve in ministry.  The series includes five "roadmaps," in response to the many people who have asked us to help them discern their next steps to build effective pastoral leadership for their parish.

Roadmap One: The Bridges Series, helps all who serve in the parish to develop a common vision of the engaging and evangelizing community, in which every person is given the opportunity to offer his or her talents in service and ministry.

Roadmap Two: The Year of the Good and Faithful Servant Leader, offers a unique series of retreat-like formation experiences focused on servant leadership.

Roadmap Three: Parish Leadership and Planning, and Roadmap Four: Essential Pastoral Leadership Skills, equip leaders with essential skills for effective pastoral ministry.

Roadmap Five: Parishioner Development, provides opportunities for parishioners to explore and use their talents in their lives at home, in their workplace, and at the parish, and provides formation for those who are ready to touch the lives of others with the love of Jesus Christ.

The Bridges Leadership Series utilizes a blended learning approach that provides the best possible combination of  "live virtual" orientation and capstone experiences, electronically-delivered content, and workbooks which provide processes you can use in your parish now and for the future. We are willing to do in-person training as well, and everything is reasonably priced, to make this financially feasible for as many of you as possible., including descriptions and learning objectives.

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