Martha Buelt’s interest in strengths development flows from the Church’s concern for the dignity and integral development of every person and of all peoples.  She enjoys working with Christian disciples wanting to learn about their natural talents and how to engage in the process of strengths development in light of their Christian faith. 

Martha is passionate about helping people learn about their natural talents and how to engage in the process of strengths development in light of their Christian faith.  Martha integrates her theology, ministry, and strengths philosophy education and training as she facilitates talent and strengths seminars and group processes, coaches strengths-based teams, and trains and supports pastoral and lay leaders to facilitate talents and strengths ministries in their parishes and campuses. 

Martha earned her MA in Pastoral Ministry from Saint John's University School of Theology·Seminary in Collegeville, Minnesota.  She is a Gallup®-Certified Strengths Coach for individuals, managers, and teams, a Faith Practice Strengths Advisor, and trained to use StrengthsQuest® resources. She has developed talent and strengths seminar materials for facilitators working with young adults in campus ministry and parish settings. Martha currently serves on the board for the Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community (CSEC).

Martha believes that as Christian disciples learn about and engage in strengths development, they grow in their ability to use their strengths in all aspects of their lives: in their homes, schools and/or work places, and communities.  Christian disciples use their strengths in Christian stewardship, contributing and participating in society for the common good, and engaging in the evangelizing mission of the Church.  Christian disciples engaged in strengths development also spread their enthusiasm for strengths development by encouraging others to embrace and develop their God-given talents. 

Facilitator Training:  Martha offers facilitator training opportunities to dioceses, parishes, and campus ministries for those interested in facilitating small groups engaging in strengths development in a ministry setting.  

Group Strengths Development: Martha facilitates large group strengths development processes for parishes, churches, and campus ministries. The group process is intended for individual strengths development which could later be aimed at team and community strengths development. Participants learn about strengths development building blocks and how to articulate their personal talents by using the StrengthsFinder® tool through individual and small group discussions and activities.

Team Development:  Martha is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach for teams.  Martha coaches teams to effectively use their collective talents and strengths toward the team’s mission and purpose.  Martha equips team members to name, claim, and understand their individual and collective talents, which helps the team to understand the link between strengths and success. She then coaches the team toward understanding how to be an interdependent strengths-based team that effectively aims their themes, talents, and strengths toward specific team goals, challenges, and situations. 

Seminars for Young Adults:  Martha facilitates Talents in Christian Discipleship© Seminars for young adults in campus ministries and parishes.  While she facilitates seminars, Martha also encourages campus ministry and/or parish staff to attend the seminar sessions for “on the job” facilitator training, equipping staff to facilitate and offer future strengths development opportunities for their ministry settings.  

Seminar Resources:  Martha develops Talents in Christian Discipleship© Seminar Facilitator Guides and resources.  She is always interested in learning from those engaged in talent and strengths ministries about what written materials they need for facilitating small groups, including offering ongoing talent and strengths opportunities and exploring new ways to integrate Christian discipleship formation topics with strengths development.      

Questions and Support:  Martha is available via email or phone for answering questions and giving support to those facilitating talent and strengths groups. 

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