The electronic resources offered here at Catholic Life and Faith have been carefully developed with parish leaders in mind. We only offer a few nicely designed resources, and we focus on the content you need to form your people to embrace stewardship as a way of life. The resources linked below are offered free, as a service to you. Each is reproducible -- you have permission to reproduce and use these in every way you might find beneficial -- in the parish bulletin, with ministry members, with parish staff and organizations. Click on the title to download the PDF file. All of the files listed are also offered in Spanish, via the link below.

Called to be Disciples:                       English     Spanish

Called to Gratitude:                           English     Spanish

Called to Generosity:                         English      Spanish

Called to Trust:                                    English      Spanish

Called to be Stewards:                        English      Spanish

Called to Use Time Well:                    English      Spanish

Called to Use Money Well:                 English     Spanish

Called to Use Talents Well:                 English     Spanish

Called to Be Stewards of Creation:    English     Spanish