Welcome to Bridges Learning Series Module 1: Building the Engaging and Evangelizing Community

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Preparatory learning guide        Participant Guide       Post-session worksheet

Learning Video [Your password is Bridges1]

Bridges Presentation Slide PDF in Spanish (Our deep gratitude to Ernesto Amezcua for this translation)

Bridges Workbook participant guide in Spanish (translated by Teresa Lefranc)

San Diego Bridges day Bridges worksheet in Spanish (Many thanks to Ernesto Amezcua for this translation as well!)

Optional Engagement Introduction Segment [Your password is Bridges1] This brief segment would ideally be used as part of your exploration of the evangelizing community, particularly for those who are not familiar with the Gallup Organization's research on engagement, captured in Growing an Engaged Church, by Albert L. Wiseman. Many more facets of the research are found in this book, which we believe provides key insights for your consideration.

Background articles with links: This document includes articles that were referenced or used in the development of the section on What People Seek. They are not exhaustive, but are representative of current study about and insight into trends in relationship to religiosity. The list will be occasionally updated as additional studies are published. Link here for the Pew Research Center's Canadian Religious Landscape Study.

We suggest that you review all of the materials prior to sharing with others. Invite everyone to study the prep discussion guide and complete the exercises in it in advance. It will be best to schedule more than one meeting for this process. You will need a computer and projector in order to show the learning video during your meetings. Alternately, you could share the link with your team and ask each member to view the video segments in advance of your meeting(s).

 All materials may be reproduced and used for multiple parish leadership meetings, as you find beneficial.